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Welcome to my site! My name is Katy, and I’m a software developer with very limited work capacity due to having the debilitating illness M.E. – please read my article Dying with M.E. as a Software Developer and Future of My Blog: I’m Still Alive for details. I hope you find my articles useful – there’s lots more in the categories section on the right than what is shown on the homepage – and enjoy your stay!

I also stream on Twitch if you’d like to see me ranting about the state of the AAA games industry!

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2D Platform Games Coding Tutorials

Figure 1. Basic level editor for our platform game
A 12-part series on 2D platform game programming, starting with an introduction to 2D platform game programming in C++ and collision detection concepts. Part 1 discusses different types of 2D collision detection including tilemaps, bounding box (AABB) intersections, discrete penetration resolution and speculative contacts.

Cutting Your Teeth on FMOD

Figure 1. VU bars. In this case the sample size is 128 on a track sampled at 44.1kHz, therefore there are 128 bars representing a range of 172.266Hz each. The lowest frequency ranges are shown on the left, with the height of each bar representing its average volume.
A 6-part series on how to use FMOD to incorporate sound into your games and applications.

XInput Tutorials

A 2-part mini-series on how to add gamepad support to your game

Tetris Coding Tutorials

Figure 1. Level Up text animating automatically in an overlay scene
How to code Tetris in under 8 hours, plus a series of follow-on articles showing how to add high scores, re-definable controls, leaderboards, intro sequence and so on.

Asteroids Coding Tutorials

How to code Asteroids in under 10 hours, plus follow-on articles.

LightSwitch For Games

Figure 1. Architecture of our 3-tier LightSwitch Application
A series showing how to create your own super-lite version of PSN or Xbox Live using LightSwitch technology.

C# DirectX API Face-off: SlimDX vs SharpDX

Figure 1. A clone of the MSDN Direct2D QuickStart demo application using SharpDX
A beginner’s tutorial and comparison of both C# DirectX wrapper APIs.

C++11: Using std::unique_ptr as a class member: initialization, move semantics and custom deleters

One of numerous popular C++11 tutorials on the site.

Dying with M.E. as a Software Developer

An article about my ongoing struggle with myalgic encephalomyelitis
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