My passions are software development, video games, reverse engineering, cryptography and music!
I’m an independent software developer who started coding at the age of 3. In my spare time I have used my skills to reverse-engineer VideoCrypt 10 (the first pay-TV smart card to use a dual processors with a custom ASIC) – subsequently working at NDS (now part of Cisco) on pay-TV smart card security – and work on a variety of other reverse engineering projects.

I’ve worked on back-end tooling for a variety of video game titles and as a gaming journalist at TheSixthAxis. While spinning tunes as a club DJ, I’ve previously created Scandinavia’s largest dance music radio network and the world’s largest music gaming fan site, leading to a collaboration with Sony London Studio on SingStar. I even played poker for a while!

I received a masters degree in Computer Science from Loughborough University in 2003. I’m an NFA-certified futures broker and hold a UK amateur radio Full Licence.

Since 2006 I worked mainly as an independent contractor but was sadly forced to retire early in 2014 due to illness (M.E.)

I currently reside in beautiful Norway.

(PS. I also stream on Trovo if you’d like to see me ranting about the state of the AAA games industry!)

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