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Automatic WSDL Generation in PHP 5

July 27, 2006 4 comments

WSDL Writer allows you to seamlessly create SOAP/XML web services in PHP which are interoperable with Java, C# and other languages. Supports SOAP headers, binary attachments, arbitrary depth object and array hierarchies, and produces WSDL files that can be imported into Visual Studio. Read more…


PHP Test Chassis

July 26, 2006 1 comment

PHP Test is a very lightweight unit testing framework which allows you to unit or regression test applications using a variety of text, file, PHP, XML or XSL inputs and expected outputs, with configurable fail behaviour and overrideable success/fail comparison functions. Read more…

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Out-of-process (IPC) Winamp control with multiple Winamp instances

July 16, 2006 Leave a comment

At Deviant Audio, we use bespoke tools written in C# to control Winamp playlists. The tools are processes external to Winamp which communicate via IPC (Inter-process Communication) – namely via the SendMessage() Win32 API function.

When controlling Winamp with a 3rd party process, the first thing you must do is locate Winamp’s main window. If you want playlist control, you need the playlist window handle also. Read more…

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