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Tutorial: How to change the Product Code on a Nokia Symbian OS phone

This tutorial will show you how to change the product code on any Nokia Symbian OS phone. This will allow you to flash the firmware in your phone with any version equal to or higher than your current version, regardless of which network operator and territory you bought it from.

There are four main purposes to changing the product code:

  • To upgrade to a new version of the firmware not currently available in your territory
  • To upgrade to a new version of the firmware not yet approved by your operator
  • To change the languages available on your phone by changing to another territory’s firmware (particularly useful if you bought your phone in one country but intend to primarily use it in another country)
  • To unbrand your phone so it isn’t crippled by the firmware supplied by your operator

You don’t need to change the product code for normal firmware upgrades

The procedure described below should only be used when the firmware version you want isn’t available through Nokia Software Updater. Download Nokia Software Updater from Nokia’s support site if you don’t already have it (until the start of 2007, phones had to be returned to a service centre to have firmware upgrades, but now you can do it at home via the USB cable supplied with your phone).

Nokia Software Updater transmits your phone’s product code to Nokia to determine the latest firmware version available for your operator, territory and phone model. Run the software and check to see if the firmware version you want is available. If it isn’t, keep reading to find out how to change the product code.

Checking your firmware version and finding the latest version

To see which firmware version you have installed, type *#0000# into your phone. A window will appear showing the installed version number.

To find the latest version I recommend checking the forums at Symbian Freak’s firmware versions page, which also gives ChangeLogs so you can see what has changed between each version. Flashing your phone with new software can destroy it if you make a mistake, so don’t upgrade unless you need to.

Some points to note

Before you start, note these important points:

  • You can’t downgrade – Nokia N-series phones are known as BB5 platform phones, and BB5 prevents firmware downgrading as a security precaution. You can however replace your existing firmware with the same version of another territory, allowing you to change the language.
  • Upgrading to an unbranded version doesn’t unlock your phone – if your phone has been locked to one network by your operator, changing the firmware to a generic version won’t unlock your phone; you still need to contact your operator for this.
  • Don’t upgrade to firmware for a different phone model – this will make your phone stop working, plain and simple, and probably void the warranty.

Find your phone’s product code

The product code is a 7-digit number which can be found by looking at the label under your phone’s battery. In the example below I’m going to be flashing a Scandinavian Nokia N70 bought from the Norwegian operator NetCom, whose product code is 0530314.

How to change the product code

First you’ll need to install Nemesis Software Suite from B-Phreaks. I used version beta in Windows XP. When you install the software, select Virtual USB Deviceas the connection method.

Figure 1

When you run the software, you’ll see a blank window with some buttons; plug in your phone via USB and click the Scan for Devices button in the top-right corner (Figure 1). The Device Info tab will appear and you should see a bunch of messages in the left-hand pane.

Click the Flash button and then click Scan on the right-hand side (Figure 2). The product code of your phone should appear in the left-hand pane.

Figure 2

Now click the Phone Info tab, and on the right-hand pane, click Enable next to the Product Code field and enter the 7-digit product code you want to change your phone to (Figure 3). Click Write and the phone will be updated. This process only takes a couple of seconds and you don’t need to restart your phone afterwards.

Figure 3

Upgrade the firmware

First of all make sure your version of Nokia PC Suite is at least 6.82, as versions 6.81 and below are reported to sometimes cause some problems with updating the firmware.

Now just run Nokia Software Updater and see if the firmware version you want is available now. You might have to try a couple of different product codes before you find one that gives you the firmware you want. Once Nokia Software Updater shows you the version you want, just go ahead and flash your phone. Don’t even touch the USB cable while this is happening, if it becomes disconnected during the process it can cause your phone to stop working. I recommend walking away from the PC and getting a coffee 🙂 The update process takes several minutes during which time the phone appears to freeze.

Restart your phone and type *#0000# again to confirm that the firmware was successfully updated. Note that Nokia Software Updater might report “The phone was disconnected” or something similar after flashing it, however the update should have still completed successfully.

Warning: The current version of NSU (1.33.85en) doesn’t work on Windows Vista – it freezes at the ‘Starting Application’ screen – so make sure you have a Windows XP box handy to perform the update.

My results

My NetCom-branded Scandinavian Nokia N70 (RM-84) had firmware version 3.0546.2.3, and I wanted to ugprade to 5.0705.3.0.1 (mainly for Bluetooth headset profile improvements). NSU reported the latest available version as 5.0638.3.0.1. I changed the product code initially from 0530314 to 0533681 – the so-called “Scandinavia – refresh” generic version and this let me upgrade successfully to 5.0705.3.0.1.

Nokia N70 product codes

I had trouble finding them for some regions (especially Norway where I live) so here’s an incomplete list:

0529218 CZ/SK CV SB 50609201_RM84RD.VB8
0529213 CZ/SK CV PA 50609201_RM84RD.VB8
0530763 Germany CV SB 50609201_RM84RD.VJ6
0530765 Germany CV PA 50609201_RM84RD.VJ6
0529238 UK CV SB RM84_50609201.V01
0529239 UK CV PA RM84_50609201.V01
0531844 Sweden CV with Postcard SB 50609201_RM84RD.VK2
0531869 Sweden CV with postcard PA 50609201_RM84RD.VK2
0529214 Telenor Norway SB 50609201_RM84RD.V98
0529220 Telenor Norway PA 50609201_RM84RD.V98
0531884 Telenor Set Black 50609201_RM84RD.VK9
0530314 Scan music edition SB 50609201_RM84RD.VI4
0530317 Scan music edition PA 50609201_RM84RD.VI4
0529258 TIM Greece SB 50609201_RM84RD.V99
0530392 Vodafone live! Greece SB 50609201_RM84RD.VE3
0532509 Vodafone live! Slovenia SB 50609201_RM84RD.VG8
0533950 Elisa Mobi3 SB 50609201_RM84RD.VM2
0533951 Elisa Mobi3 PA 50609201_RM84RD.VM2
0533952 Saunalahti 3G SB 50609201_RM84RD.VM4
0533953 Saunalahti 3G PA 50609201_RM84RD.VM4
0529626 One Austria PA 50609201_RM84RD.V89
0530391 Proximus V-live! SB 50609201_RM84RD.V71
0531843 Proximus V-live! Business SB 50609201_RM84RD.VK1
0529629 TDC Mobil ver. 2 SB 50609201_RM84RD.VES
0533944 Sonera Surfport Siml SB 50609201_RM84RD.VL7
0533943 Sonera Surfport Siml PA 50609201_RM84RD.VL7
0533946 Sonera Surfport Open SB 50609201_RM84RD.VL7
0533945 Sonera Surfport Open PA 50609201_RM84RD.VL7
0529264 Pannon SB 50609201_RM84RD.VA1
0528087 NetCom update 50609201_RM84RD.VJ8
0530346 Telia SE with postcard SB 50609201_RM84RD.VI8
0530347 Telia SE with postcard PA 50609201_RM84RD.VI8
0532507 Turkcell SB 50609201_RM84RD.VL2
0532508 Turkcell PA 50609201_RM84RD.VL2

Product codes for other phones

More Nokia N70 Product Codes

Nokia N73 Product Codes

Nokia N95 Product Codes

Nokia 6880 Product Codes

Try searching the All About Symbian forums if your phone isn’t listed above.

I hope you found the tutorial useful!

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    July 18, 2015 at 23:02

    My Nokia 5250 is avng some problems delete memory, which i flash d phone but to avail so am tinkin of changng IM of d phone. Wl b ok.

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