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PartitionMagic Error 4444, NTFS and Windows Vista

September 24, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

If you’ve tried to use PartitionMagic 7 or 8 from Windows 2000/XP to image or alter a Vista partition, or to write something onto a drive that had a Vista partition on it, you might’ve been in for a shock.

Accessing the properties of the Vista partition from PartitionMagic will give you “Error #4444”. If you schedule a partition copy operation to run at reboot, you’ll get this error every time you reboot into Windows XP and won’t be able to reach the login screen.

In true Symantec-style, Symantec’s knowledge base only lists error codes upto 2999 (what, you don’t actually still use Norton Internet Security do you?!). Fortunately, Grintor (see forum link below) has the solution, and an explanation.

The solution

Boot into Windows XP and run chkdsk x: /f from the command prompt, where x: should be the drive letter with the Windows Vista installation (press Start+R, type cmd and press Enter to get the prompt). Reboot and the problem will be gone.

If you can’t boot into XP because PartitionMagic is giving you the error every time you try and boot, press F8 before Windows starts and choose Last Known Good Configuration from the menu. Then proceed as above.

The explanation (paraphrased from below)

NTFS has a hidden file called $UPCASE which maps lowercase and uppercase Unicode characters. The version written by Windows Vista is slightly incorrect. Vista’s version of chkdsk doesn’t detect the problem but XP’s version does. PartitionMagic checks $UPCASE and throws error 4444 if the table is corrupted. PartitionMagic perceives Vista’s version of the table to be corrupted so it won’t operate on a Vista partition.

When you run XP’s version of chkdsk, it corrects the $UPCASE table on the Vista partition (makes it the same as XP’s), and PartitionMagic will work properly. The change doesn’t affect Vista’s operation at all.


http://forums.techguy.org/all-other-software/181289-partition-magic-8-a.html (thanks to Grintor for the solution)

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