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PSN Cards and MMOGA: A Warning (Previously Unpublished)

Regional PSN cards: an unnecessary evil of the PS3 gaming world.

A good friend of mine tried to purchase a US PSN card yesterday with an Electron card from code trading site mmoga.com. As is sometimes the case these days with first time purchase of instant downloads from abroad, she was asked to photograph her face with her ID in her hand. Unfortunately with neither a driving license nor passport – and no national ID scheme in the UK – she wasn’t able to provide the information required.

Here is where the trouble started. In order to refund the $20 purchase, MMOGA wants to charge a processing fee of €10. Clearly a rip off that people should be aware of, but there are deeper issues:

  1. A contract for sale is only binding once both parties have agreed on the terms under which the transaction will occur. MMOGA did not state anywhere during the purchase process that ID would be required – therefore the visible contract prior to purchase is misleading.
  1. Since the terms of the contract could not be fulfilled by either party, no exchange of goods or funds can take place. The buyer is entitled under EU law to a full and complete refund with no administration fee.

MMOGA is apparently cheap, but the company’s credentials are dodgy to say the least. They are registered at a Hong Kong address but appear to operate out of Germany. There is no telephone number on their site and they refused to call the buyer for voice verification as can be done with reputable sites such as Gamecards.eu.

I located a phone number for them elsewhere on the web, it was either constantly engaged or an answering machine. It was not possible to get through.

The only recourse if you have a problem with MMOGA is to use the Live Support, which, when it doesn’t make you wait for ages only to be told the service is now unavailable, greets you with staff of this skill level (re-printed with permission from the customer):

Emily – MMOGA: identity card
<name omitted>: with a photo ?
Emily – MMOGA: yeah
<name omitted>: sorry but I don`t have any photographic id
<name omitted>: passport, driving liscence etc
<name omitted>: how else can we procede with verification ?
Emily – MMOGA: we just can process your order after we get your verification
<name omitted>: I have no identification with a photo
Emily – MMOGA: you can use a camera to take a pic
<name omitted>: yes but that pic won`t be of me holding a photo of myself as you suggested I need
<name omitted>: I have no identity card
Emily – MMOGA: you can ask your friend to help you to take the pic
<name omitted>: Just a picture of me – not holding any identification ?
Emily – MMOGA: no , you have to hold
<name omitted>: I repeat again – I have NO identification
<name omitted>: are there any other ways that you can verify that I am who I say I am
Emily – MMOGA: sorry no
<name omitted>: then how do we procede ?
<name omitted>: will my money be refunded ?
Emily – MMOGA: but refund the money to your moneybookers has to charge 10 euro fee.
<name omitted>: Unnaceptable
<name omitted>: if I had been told this in the first place I would never have tried to place an order
<name omitted>: your company has misled me into a purchase that I could now possibly loose out on
Emily – MMOGA: we do the verification just for the security reasons
<name omitted>: you already have my money – moneybookers have confirmed who I am – why must you now take it a step further
<name omitted>: I understand that however I do not believe that there is no other method of verification
<name omitted>: not everyone on the planet has identification cards
Emily – MMOGA: okay what kind of id do you have ?
Emily – MMOGA: passport ?
<name omitted>: bank card, utility bills
<name omitted>: no passport
<name omitted>: Nothing photographic
<name omitted>: do you have any suggestions ?
Emily – MMOGA: sorry this is the only way to do the verification 😦
<name omitted>: then how do I take this matter further
Emily – MMOGA: send us the pic or transfer the 10 charge to us , we will give you the full refund

This went on for several hours at which point Emily stopped replying altogether after letting my friend know that she also had to fill in a PDF form that was never sent to her.

I asked to speak with Emily’s supervisor and was told that she had no supervisor. She also said that only the verification team and not herself could access photos sent by email and that the verification team was currently “off work”.

The moral is therefore very simple. Avoid MMOGA like the plague, and use a company like shopto.net, gamecards.eu or hdmoviesource.com instead.

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