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Simple2D 1.05 now available – now with full source code and examples

January 16, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

The latest version of my Direct2D-based graphics library Simple2D is now available. For the first time I have now included the full source code to the libraries and a swathe of examples (source code and compiled executables) covering:

  • Using simple math-function-based animations
  • Calculating text glyph metrics
  • Chaining animations together
  • Using bitmaps
  • Using bitmap brushes with transforms
  • Using bounding boxes
  • Using linear gradient brushes
  • Using path geometry
  • Creating text input boxes
  • Creating buttons
  • Creating sliders
  • Managing your scene using scene graphs
  • A version of MSDN’s Direct2D introduction demo re-written to use Simple2D

For full-blown more complex examples with included source code, see:

  • SimpleAsteroids – a simple asteroids clone demonstrating per-pixel geometry collisions, basic animations and text rendering
  • SimpleTetris – a full-blown Tetris clone featuring complex 2D animations and chained animations, scene graphs, a user interface, use of transformed bitmaps and geometry etc. This example also uses FMOD (link to tutorial series) for music and sound effects.

Download link (always download the latest version)

Please be aware that Simple2D is very much a work in progress, and that changes from version to version can break older code, although I try to maintain backwards compatibility as much as possible. The code is currently undergoing significant re-factoring with each new version.

I hope you find Simple2D useful!

For setup and installation instructions, follow the Simple2D Installation Tutorial.

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