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Il2CppInspector Tutorial: How to create, use and debug IL2CPP DLL injection projects

November 27, 2020 9 comments

Il2CppInspector allows you to automatically create a Visual Studio solution containing a C++ DLL project targeted at the application you are reverse-engineering, which – when compiled – can be injected into the running application process to monitor or modify the application’s behaviour.

In the bad old days, you used to have to find every type, function, field etc. yourself. An excellent tutorial on this from an unknown author can be found here. Il2CppInspector’s C++ scaffolding projects render the need to perform this work obsolete. These projects give you complete access to all of the C#-equivalent types and methods in the IL2CPP application, plus all available IL2CPP APIs and exports. There is no need to determine any function pointers or add any type declarations.

In this article, we’ll briefly walk through how to create, edit, inject and debug these projects. Details on how to actually write useful code using the framework provided can be found in this tutorial.

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