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IL2CPP Tutorial: Finding loaders for obfuscated global-metadata.dat files

February 23, 2021 11 comments

Game publishers are loving it lately. Over the last few months I’m starting to see all kinds of weird and wacky obfuscation schemes designed to prevent Il2CppInspector from loading IL2CPP games.

While it’s quite amusing to see narrowly targeted attacks percolate, it does make the support tickets pile up on the issue tracker, and I unfortunately have neither the time nor the desire to sit and pick apart every file thrown at me. The old adage of giving a person a tool and they’ll hack for a day, but teach a person to write tools and they’ll hopefully stop spamming your social media seems pertinent here. At least I think that’s how the adage goes… or was it fish something? Either way, we all started off as plankton; hopefully you are thirsty to become a shark!

In this tutorial, I’ll walk (swim?) you through how to find the loader for global-metadata.dat in almost any IL2CPP application so that you can reverse engineer it yourself. This will include obfuscated metadata, encrypted metadata, and metadata embedded in the binary itself, plus light obfuscation of the code path to the loader. I’ll also throw in a couple of examples to whet your appetite.

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