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Tutorial: Cross-platform background process forking without extensions in PHP

February 9, 2007 Leave a comment

There are plenty of ways to fork new processes in PHP. You can use shell functions like exec() or shell(), the pcntl_* function set in the Process Control extension or stream/filesystem functions such as popen(). In this article, we’re going to look at the latter of these, and learn:

  • How to make it work on both Windows and Linux
  • How to make the forked process run in the background
  • How to communicate with the forked process
  • How to fork more than one process
  • How to cleanly terminate the forked process from the parent script Read more…

PHPCron: Running scheduled tasks from PHP on a web server

October 17, 2006 7 comments

PHPCron is a simple PHP script which lets you run multiple tasks on a schedule or timer. It can be run either from the command-line or via a web browser. Its behaviour is very similar to the popular¬†cron¬†program for UNIX. Read more…

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Automatic WSDL Generation in PHP 5

July 27, 2006 4 comments

WSDL Writer allows you to seamlessly create SOAP/XML web services in PHP which are interoperable with Java, C# and other languages. Supports SOAP headers, binary attachments, arbitrary depth object and array hierarchies, and produces WSDL files that can be imported into Visual Studio. Read more…

PHP Test Chassis

July 26, 2006 1 comment

PHP Test is a very lightweight unit testing framework which allows you to unit or regression test applications using a variety of text, file, PHP, XML or XSL inputs and expected outputs, with configurable fail behaviour and overrideable success/fail comparison functions. Read more…

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