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Installation Instructions

February 18, 2013 20 comments

SimpleFMOD is a simple library to let you shoehorn music and sound effects into your games and applications quickly.

Why SimpleFMOD?

Initializing FMOD and performing the necessary memory management is complex for beginners. SimpleFMOD takes care of all the dirty work for you so you just have to concentrate on getting the sounds and music into your application. SimpleFMOD manages all the audio resources you use, handles initialization and teardown, allows simple loading of sounds or streams from both disk or embedded application resources (memory), handles game sound effects and music in separate channel groups so they can have their own master volumes, and provides numerous helper functions to make basic audio manipulation easy.

Full source code is included so that when you are ready to move onto more advanced techniques, you can see exactly how the basics work.
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Installing Simple2D and Compiling your first application

May 21, 2012 34 comments

Simple2D is my graphics library for students and beginners looking to experiment with drawing 2D graphics in C++ in the simplest possible way. It is based on the Direct2D API but removes almost all of the complexity. This article contains instructions on installing the software and all of the extras it requires, and shows how to compile your first program using Simple2D.

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