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Reverse Engineering Adventures: Honkai Impact 3rd (IDA Decompiler Techniques) (Part 2)

January 19, 2021 3 comments

This is a continuation of the Reverse Engineering Adventures: Honkai Impact 3rd mini-series – read part 1 first! In this article, we’ll look at comparative data deobfuscation and how to work with the IDA decompiler.


When we left off our previous exploits, we had peeled off the first layer of encryption from global-metadata.dat and found the call site which calls the decryption function. This turned out to correspond to il2cpp::vm::MetadataLoader::LoadMetadataFile from the IL2CPP source code, with an added line of code to invoke the decryption.

We can’t load the metadata file into Il2CppInspector yet though, because the header does not conform to the expected format. Extra – potentially still encrypted – data is present, and the header length is 0x158 rather than 0x110 bytes, which means that the locations of some or all of the header fields has been changed. Additionally, while most of the rest of the file looks normal, there are no string literals – which are normally present in global-metadata.dat – and a large block of presumably encrypted data right after the header.

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