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XInput Tutorial Part 2: Mapping gamepad buttons and analog movement to Windows keyboard events

August 30, 2013 3 comments

In part 1 of this mini-series we looked at the basics of the XInput API and how to read the state of all the analog and digital buttons on a gamepad, then wrapped it up into a simple Gamepad class. In this article, we shall look at how to translate button pushes and analog stick/trigger movements into Windows keyboard events for those applications which use the Windows messages WM_KEYDOWN and WM_KEYUP to handle user keyboard input.

The problem

XInput requires you to poll the controller each frame to get changes in state. If you currently use a function like GetAsyncKeyState() to check for keyboard key presses in your game, this is fine, but if you are using the Windows keyboard messages WM_KEYDOWN and WM_KEYUP, this will not fit in with your current model, and the game will require a bit of re-engineering to handle polling as well. Ideally, we would like to avoid this and just funnel controller movements and button presses through WM_KEYDOWN and WM_KEYUP as if they were normal keyboard key presses.

To do this, we will expand upon our basic Gamepad class to include keyboard mapping and event dispatch functions.

NOTE: If you can’t be bothered with the low-level details and just want to shoehorn gamepad support into a game really quickly, my Simple2D library (version 1.11 and above) includes gamepad support – see the Tetris gamepad support article for a quick example on how to use the library to add gamepad support in just a few minutes! Read more…

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