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Nacon treat you like garbage: Roguebook and Day 1 DLC (Apex Predator Pack)

June 20, 2021 1 comment

[Update 21.06.2021: Since I penned this article, Nacon have released a statement announcing that the Apex Predator Pack will be included in the base game for all customers at no extra cost. I would like to thank them for paying attention to this matter and appreciate this decision]

Slay The Spire is an absolute classic roguelite deckbuilder / card battler that any roguelite or card game fan should play. More recently, Monster Train iterated on the formula, adding stacked vertical areas for hero and enemy placement among various other new mechanics. At the time of writing, both of these games are rated Overwhelmingly Positive on Steam.

Then there is Roguebook, developed by Abrakam Entertainment SA (the same folks who brought you the $90 card game Faeria) and published by Nacon. Roguebook expands on the Slay The Spire formula primarily by allowing you to choose a pair of heroes to work together, and adding an extra layer of strategy to the game via a freely explorable overworld. Some balance and polish issues aside it’s basically a great game that can easily sell itself to its target audience based on merit alone – which makes it even more disappointing that Nacon have decided to defecate all over its potential customer base and burn through any generated goodwill even before day 1 of launch.

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